Is An Online MBA Degree Worth It

by Ben on August 16, 2014

One of the problems of quantifying the value of any MBA degree is first identifying why you want one to begin with.

For many aspiring business students, the desire to earn an MBA is simply to “check the box” on his/her career projection to higher level management.  Whether this is right or wrong, there is an overall perception by many that an MBA degree is a requirement for the upper echelons of corporate success.

Traditionally, this meant taking two or more years off from work and spending a significant amount of money to attend a graduate program at a brick and mortar university.  Its no wonder why online MBA programs (which basically allow you to complete your MBA online anywhere in the world while continuing to work) have become so popular.  But the question remains, are these programs worth it?

As someone who has personally completed one of the programs (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), I can honestly say I have no regrets completing the course and spending the $33,000+ in tuition.

You can read more about my real life experience taking an online MBA course on my personal finance blog.


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